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Pakistan's biggest Anti Harassment campaign to empower Women and help them stand against Sexual Harassment.

Our Story


In the fall of 2012, an abuse of authority manifested itself in the form of sexual harassment. It happened at a well-known university and was not the first of its kind. Certainly not from the world of the unknown, it was a typical case where a high authority person misuses his authority and asks for sexual favours in return for certain benefits to a female student. Such incidents are well known to the secretive world of “females.” However, not this time.

A rare phenomenon happened when the girl used her firm tone to let the persecutor know the consequences if she were to release his text messages that asked for sexual favours. The threat hit the panic button, and the thought of being exposed brought the harasser to his sense. This whole incident led a young guy, Usman, investigate on his own the circumstances that are mostly present at the time of sexual harassment.

His immediate analysis of the situation was this: Most of the harassers run the other direction once faced with the instinct of being exposed. Usman then started thoroughly looking over at bus stands, streets, universities, and markets to find the examples of harassment and see what possible factors play the role. He concluded the following thought:

More than 80% cases of the sexual harassment can be resolved without legal prosecution if the victim knows how to deal with the situation.

And that is what resulted in stop harassment now campaign, a voice to empower victims (both working and non-working class) against harassment. About our campaign: Muhammad Usman Awan along with his team members aims to spread awareness and educate women on how to fight against harassment. Our team creates awareness pieces and defensive guides on the subject of harassment through blog posts, webinars, Facebook live videos, and sharing of relevant content through our Facebook page and group, stop harassment now.

Our motive is to educate, support, and provide free legal prosecution to women. Join our Facebook group to become a member of the community that has over 10,000 Pakistani women. Want to lend a helping hand through your professional services, such as law and psychology? Contact us to become a team member. Join our initiative to help spread the word. Find more details here.


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We provide following services to fight against harassment in Pakistan.

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