How to Join our Campaign?

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Stop Harassment Now is Pakistan's first anti-harassment campaign to empower women against harassment.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a safe platform to Pakistani women where we discuss this issue openly and spread the awareness against harassment. We intend to help women fight against this evil and help them with legal prosecution.

More than 10,000 girls and working women joined our Facebook Group after the start of this campaign, and most of them were willing to work for us through joining our cause. Moreover, we realized the need to have representatives in most universities, colleges, and workplaces. This lead to the option to enable volunteers to join us.

We are going to conduct seminars, sessions, and other sexual harassment-related awareness activities to provide students and working women with knowledge on the subject enabling them to speak for their rights. Our representatives will also be providing moral support.

For all these activities, we want active and hard-working volunteers in university campuses and workplaces. You can join us by filling the Volunteer Form which will lead to certain responsibilities assigned to the volunteer. We defined 4 levels for those who want to join us. Once all the responsibilities of level 1 are completed, the person is promoted to the next level. Mentioned below are the details of our team structure.

Level 1: Become a Volunteer

To join our campaign, Fill This Form. The first level in our organization is Volunteer and following are the responsibilities. Once you are done with the following tasks, you will be promoted to the Level 2:

Join our Facebook Group

Join Our Facebook Group which is the First Platform for Pakistani Girls and Working Women to talk about Harassment and its solutions.

Represent us in your Friends & Family

Our aim is to empower and help Pakistani Women against sexual harassment. So tell your friends and family about this initiative.

Stay in touch with us

Keep watching our work and participate in activities. Stay active in our facebook group and keep following our website and social channels.

Level 2: Mission Holder

One you successfully complete your responsibilities as a Volunteer, then you will be promoted to the Level 2 and here you will help us to accomplish our mission..

Add Friends of Friends in Facebook Group

After adding your Friends in the Facebook Group, Now ask them to add their friends to the group.

Tell People about this Campaign

Help us reach more people, Represent us in your friends and family circle. Tell the people how important is this campaign.

Share our Content

We are producing High-quality awareness related content on our website and Facebook Page. Share it with the maximum number of people.

Level 3: Campus Ambassador

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On Foot Campaign in your campus

You are responsible for on Foot awareness campaigns and other activities at your university, college or workplace.

Awareness Sessions and Activities

Plan and conduct productive sessions and activities to spread awareness against harassment and engage more people.

Fund Raising for Activities

You are responsible to engage volunteers and collect funds four our awareness campaigns, brochures, pumphelts etc..

Official Representatives

Our campus ambassadors are our official representatives for promotions and operations in their departments and campuses.

Level 4: Team Members

One you successfully complete your responsibilities as a Volunteer, then you will be promoted to the Level 2 and here you will help us to accomplish our mission..

Decision Making

Team members are involved in brainstorming and decision making activities to improve our performance and grow.

Manage the Teams/Resources

Another main responsibility is to manage volunteers, campus ambassadors and resources to perform better .

Development & Implementation

Responsible for developing and implementing the Plans, taking care of the different things and acountable for your responsibilities.

Join Our Team

Join this initiative to empower and help women to stand against sexual harassment in Pakistan.