Brother killed mentally retarded sister in Taxila

Brothers killed their Mentally Disabled Sister in Taxila and Disposed her Body in a Well

Yet again the world witnessed another act of heinous crime where two brothers killed their mentally challenged sister and throw her in the bottom of a well in their house. The incident occurred in Bani Mohalla near Taxila. According to the details, the woman became a victim of some fake Amil who told the brothers to kill their sister in order to end the problems at their home.

The brothers tied their sister’s hands and feet and throw her in the well of their house. After throwing her, they covered her with mud and cemented the whole area as well. The news leaked and through word of mouth, it travelled in the whole area of how they killed their sister. When police investigated the matter and found the dead body from the well. The dead body was already rotten by then and its hands and feet were still tied. This also indicates that perhaps the woman was thrown there while she was still alive.

Both the brothers were arrested soon after and upon investigation, the police came to know that the woman was mentally challenged and the family was getting her treatment from various Amils however none was successful in treating her. One of these Amil’s told them that the only solution to end the problems and tensions at their home is to sacrifice one of their family members and to kill their sister. The incident occurred in Rabiulawal, around November. The brothers are arrested and the case will start soon. What they did is a terrible act and a slap on the face of humanity. An already suffering and disable person went through so much problem and then was killed so brutally.

Where is the law in this country who protect and offer treatment to such people? There should be laws which can protect mentally disabled people. Proper treatment should be offered to such people and institutions should work to improve the state of such people. Due to lack of funds, most people are unable to provide medication and treatment to their family members and prefer to get treatment from fake Amils which never turns out good.

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