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Here is how we can help you against harassment in Pakistan

About Our initiative

About Us

Stop Harassment Now is Pakistan's First Anti Harassment Campaign to empower Girls and Working Women against Sexual Harassment, spreading awareness about Laws, and also provide the Free legal prosecution to the victims.

First Platform in Pakistan

After realizing the need of a safe platform for women, where they should talk about Harassment, share stories and learn from each others experiences, ,we created a private Facebook Group where we have more than 10,000 women.

How to Jois us

Following are the Four level to become our official team member. Join us as a volunteer and perform your assigned tasks to become team member.

Become a Volunteer

Join our initiative as a volunteer, Fill the joining Form, tell your friends and family about this campaigna, join our Official Facebook Group and add your female friends.

Become Mission Holder

Help us Grow, Repreent our mission with others, Ask your social contacts to add their friends in Facebook Group and share our content in your circle.

Become Campus Ambassador

Officially represent us in your campus, help us raise funds, organize On Foot campaigns, awareness sessions & seminars.

Become Team Member

Become the part of the Top Management, Conduct meetings, repesent us officially, manage the teams, and oversee the ongoing activities.

Anti Harassment Blog and How to Guides

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More than 80% cases of the sexual harrasment can be resolved without legal prosecution if the victim knows how to deal with the situation.

Muhammad Usman Awan
Step Forward Pakistan

List of our volunteers


We are a team of creative minds, who want to bring a positive change in society through networking and innovative ideas.

M. Usman Awan

A Man behind this initiative

Areeba Amanat

Co. Founder & Group Manager

Unber Shafiq

Content Lead & Mission Holder

Ammara Nadeem

Activist & Core Tem Member