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Honour Killing Statistics in Pakistan: Honour Killing in Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Balochistan

Honour killings have been a part of patriarchal cultures for centuries however it is in the 21st of the century when the custom has become very prominent and open to many. It is now that many reforms both legislative and cultural have been made to help diminish the practice. However, the gruesome tradition still remains active in many societies with minor or no punishment. The issue being a habitual convention in our country have had it’s up and down in the statistics however less or more it still stains the reputation.

As per the United Nations Population fund nearly 5000 cases of honour killings of women are reported each year worldwide. Out of which 50% of the killings occur in India and Pakistan. This section of the document comprises of honour killing statistics in our country for us to understand in depth its prevalence and prominence.

Provincial Statistics of Honour Killings:

Based on the honour killings fact there is a clear picture of unfortunate rate of honour killings taking place in each province of Pakistan. The execution however common in almost all the areas may be at a rise in a couple of respective ones.


It very alarming to realize that in the last decade honour killing is noted to be at a high rise in Punjab especially in cities like Faisalabad and Multan.

According to a report released by punjab police in 2014 highest number of honour killings cases with almost 404 woman murdered in to save family’s honour were reported in punjab alone.

Based on the statistics and data related to honour killings it can be very easily said that 30 to 40 percent of honour killings are executed in Punjab each year. It’s hard to believe that moreover, 175 honour killing cases came across reported in the initial months of 2018 only in the province of Punjab. Studies have shown that most of these killings are caused because of land disputes or brawls based on everyday issues. Due to the rise in honour killing in the province a bill was passed by Punjab assembly which states that anyone executing murder in the name of honour with the face a death penalty provided that he is not pardoned by the victims family, however, the accused will still have to indulge in 12 years of imprisonment.


This is the province which is known for the lesser number of cases reported, however, the statistics of honour killings in Balochistan cannot be relied on completely, as numerous honour killings are gone unreported. Balochistan is a province that is still enslaved by the traditional norms of the culture, honour for the tribesmen means the world as they say ‘jaan chali jaye per izzat na jaye’ is the motto they believe in, therefore having the liberty of filing a report against the doers of honour killings is also something subjected as the disgrace of the community.

As per the National Commission on the Status of  Woman (NCSW) from 1997 to 2003 43% of honour killings in Pakistan occurred in Balochistan. In 2016 as less 31 cases of honour killings were reported from the region.

Rukhshanda Naz being an expert of human rights believes that the statistics of honour killings in Balochistan are highly underrated because of the simple fact that the tribal culture does not encourage women to report the cases.


Sindh the land known for its cultural heritage remains one of the most affected by honour killings. One of the core causes of honour killings especially in the rural segment of the province is the phenomenon of feudalism which has directly lead to preach men that woman is their authority and responsibility for maintaining the honour of the community. Karachi and Hyderabad being the big cities of the province have experienced a rise in the crime in the last decade too.

As per the report by Sindh Woman Development Department since July of 2017 till date about 1643 cases for violence against woman have been reported out of which 38% is believed to be a measure of honour killings. A detailed survey report by Peterian Human Rights Organization declared in 2016 63 cases of honour killings were reported out of which 12 rooted from Jacobabad alone. The Chairman of PHRO Ihsan Ali Khoso stated that these cases are happening mainly in the northern region of the province where the tribal customs are still deeply practiced.

In 2001 a general survey was conducted by Sindh Journalist Network for UN that showed that 50% of honour killings in Sindh were carried out by the husbands, 19% by the brother, 6% by their sons and 4% by uncles, fathers relatives etc.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

Very much like Balochistan, NWFP seems to have the lowest rate of honour killings in the state. However cultural values of both the provinces are not diverse enough leading to a supposition that the dominant tribal system does not approve of a woman or their family’s reporting about the incidents. Another reason why the statistics in the particular regions are consistent is because of the fact that traditionally honour killings are not considered to be a crime, mindsets do not recognize the practice as one deserving of punishment rather it is believed to not talk about the issue to help maintain the lost honour of the family.

However many prominent cases of honour killings over the years are also reported from the district of out of those has to be of Aymen Udas a Pashtun singer who was shot dead by two of her very own brothers in Peshawar in 2009.

In 2016  44 cases of honour killings alone were reported from the province. However the crime seems to be at rising in KP as stated by the Samia Munir Representing Aurat Foundation in Peshawar in January of 2017, 21 cases of honour killings were reported and also the crime has its major prevalence in the district of  Chitral and Malakand.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan from the year, 2011 to 2017 390 cases of honor killings were reported with Peshawar taking the unfortunate lead with 71 cases.

It’s unfortunate to realize the massive impact of the dreadful execution annually in the country. By the facts and a reported per Human Rights Commission of Pakistan over 1000 cases of honor killings are reported. Even with the anti-honor killing law amendment in 2016, the prevalence seems to continue.

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