Husband Approaches FIA After Ex-boyfriend Blackmails His Wife in Karachi

Husband Approaches FIA After Ex-boyfriend Blackmails His Wife in Karachi

A man from Karachi was recently arrested by FIA when he came back from abroad and tried to reach his ex-girlfriend. Upon contact, he got to know that the girl is now married and refused to meet him. The denial made him harass her and threaten to expose the pictures they had together.

The case came into limelight when a tweet got viral on twitter from a guy named Ghaura who exclaimed how this guy in his neighborhood had just come to Pakistan from abroad to settle down. He then tried to approach his ex-girlfriend and wanted to meet her. Soon he got to know that she is now married and denied his proposal for obvious reasons. Being a typical male chauvinist this guy was not at all happy with the denial. So, he did what is most commonly done these days to blackmail most girls. He threatened his ex-girlfriend that if she will not come to meet him, he will expose the photographs they had together when they were in the relationship.

Cases like this happen every other day and the consequences are just awful luckily enough this time ahead of he guy threatening his ex-girlfriend he got what he had not even dreamt of. Unlike many other girls, this girl told a bold step and when she was being threatened by his guy she took her husband in confidence and told him what had happened. Solute the husband too for he was liberal enough to understand the matter and did what was the much needed. He took the right initiative and filed a complaint against this harasser in FIA’s cyber crime wing.

The immediate action of FIA is also very much commendable as without any further delay they were able to reach the guy harassing the girl who is not arrested. The guy also made it the media as cyber harassment is now finally being considered an issue worth taking actions against in Pakistan. That’s how the entire neighborhood had known about the incident.

Thousands of girls each year become a victim of cyberbullying and blackmailing unfortunately very few have the courage to stand against such unlawful deeds. Even our campaign of STOP HARASSMENT NOW is being touched by girls facing such issues where they are blackmailed and threatened by their ex-boyfriends who want to maintain a share of benefits of all types even after the girls are married.

This really needs to stop and people need to understand that no means no, without a mutual consent anything that is forcefully gained is a form of crime. Despite the issue becoming one of the predominant ones in Pakistan, laws have been generated to help demolish it and if girls get brave enough to report such issues they can certainly live a fearless life and teach a lesson to all those bullying and harassing girls to attain undue benefits.

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