Private School Canteen Owner arrested for abusing a Seven year old girl in Lahore

Private School Canteen Owner arrested for abusing a Seven year old girl in Lahore

It was only a few days back that we posted a case of a seven-year-old girl Tehzeeb Fatima who was attempted to be raped by her school canteen owner. This private school case gained hype when a well-known TV anchor Waqar Zaka took his stand for Fatima, the case gained the limelight it required for everyone’s attention since today we are living in a society where rape cases are not a surprise. Many of us do not even bother getting the details about the incidents as it’s just news for many of us.

While posting the news we had no idea that our post could be the reason for the massive change in this case. Advocate Wajahat Ali Niazi luckily happened to see the news we posted and offered his services for the family of the victim that also free of cost. He contacted Fatima’s family and is now her legal lawyer. It’s people like him that make us want to believe in the existence of humanity.

This incident took place on 13th of May 2019, when Tehzeeb Fatima came home from school with her clothes dusted with dirt and bits of makeup traces on her face. Her mother instantly knew something was not right. She has locked herself in the room and was scared to answer anything. Fatima’s mom took her to the school where she told her that her school’s canteen owner had attempted to rape her and made a video while this all happened. This mother was furious and spoke to management about it the Principle of this school promised to look into the matter and satisfied the mother by saying that legal actions will be taken if the accused is found guilty.

Fatima’s mother also did her medical examination which was another proof of the inhuman act conducted on this poor soul. However, soon Fatima’s mother realized that school management is trying to delay justice and not taking any necessary steps to help the situation. This clearly means that this is an entire mafia involved in the case; otherwise, it is barely impossible for anyone to get away with a deed like this.

Fatima’s mother had become hopeless about the situation as she had understood the fact that the accused was being protected by the private school owner himself. She is a physically disabled mother who had no one to look up to for justice. Instead of helping her out of the situation she got threatening calls to leave the issue aside. The mother decided to stand against all odds and the results were in her favor.

Furthermore the underage girl Tehzeeb finally opened up about what happened with her. She explained that the canteen owner would take her with himself after the school was over and would ask her to stay quiet about whatever he will do to her. He would torture her by pinch in pencil in her eyes and even squeezed her neck to threaten her so that she keeps her mouth shut about whatever she was being through. She also told the lawyer that she is not the only victim of this physical abuse, several other underage girls are also being victimized and are forced to keep it to themselves. The proofs of whatever she stated were several bruises and marks on Fatima’s body which her mother had noticed on the day of the incident. Also, a Rickshaw driver who would often pick up the girls from the school claimed that he would wait several hours after the school was over for the girls every other day which directly leads to the fact that the time was used to molest girls.

Right now the lawyer is working on Fatima’s case, he stated that it is just too sad to realize that no lawyer was ready to take the case of the innocent girl because there seems to a hand of a big mafia behind this The helpless mother now sees a ray of hope and believes that this time justice will not be denied.

The accused canteen owner whose name has found to be Wajid is now been arrested and remand of six days is ordered for him. This is such great news because normally in cases like this where the school management itself seems to be involved hoping for justice means hoping for rain in droughts. Despite the strong backing of Wajid, it seems like his bail will be denied and he will pay what he asked for as the lawyer is making all possible efforts to cancel his bail and make sure he is punished for the ignorable act he conducted.

All praise to Waqar zaka who take an initiative of highlighting this case and making us realize how often such incidents take place around us. Otherwise, it would have been yet another story dusted around the carpet.

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